Mar. 25th, 2014

kokoronohanashi: (Belle-solitude)
 I'm sick. No, it's not a feeling. I caught a flu and didn't attend classes today. So, what is ahead for me in this course? I couldn't study at all with this flu bothering me. I'm supposed to finish my part of a seminar until the reunion tomorrow morning. However, all I could do today was to lay down. I'm sneezing like crazy, my head hurts and I feel pain all over my body. What am I supposed to do?? 

The worst part much as I see that my classmates are nice people, in a situation like this, in which I miss classes, I can't count on anyone. The cliques are already formed and the "members" help one another, but I'm not part of any clique. In that crowded place I feel alone at most, even more than when I was at home on my own in Sampa. 

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