Mar. 31st, 2014

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 F*ck you, Eddie and Adam. F*ck you, Once Upon a Time.
It's such a pity a series that started so well to decay so much. I remember how enchanted I was with the plot, with the characters, how I related with the emotional conflicts. I really, really loved Baelfire character ever since his first appearance. His story and his dad, Rumplestiltiskin's touched me so much. I couldn't wait to know what happened with him after season 1 episode 19. I couldn't wait for the reunite between father and son. And then, when we found out Neal, who happened to be Emma's True Love and Henry's father, was also Bae, the son of The Dark One, I was so happy! I also loved Neal even before the confirmation he was Bae. And eventually, I started shipping Emma and Neal together. But it was not what the show wanted...They decided to please the media and part of the audience by leaning towards Captain Swan and ruining the plot. Meh. 

Besides, the story itself is getting too confusing...It has lost the "magic" of the first 2 seasons. 

So, for the show to cut off such an important character, who had so much potential for plot development, is disappointing. There is still so much to be told.  

I'm really disappointed, so I'm quitting this shitty show. Also, goodbye, my Tumblr account, which had been especially created for OUAT fangirling. Sorry not sorry. 

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