Feb. 6th, 2015

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 I don't believe these stuffs of planets making influence on people's lives, but this period of Mercury retrograde seems to make some sort of sense. It has been a few weeks since I've been remembering facts that happened to me, good and bad ones, at school, with friends I don't talk to for years, with my relatives. It's just weird. 
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I've realized these days that Tumblr was not made for commenting and discuting about fandoms. It's all about gifs, edits, who gets more followers, who stands out more, and if you don't have a fancy username, don't post edits, then you're a nobody and chances are you gonna be ignored or hated. It's way worse than the first time I made an account there. For instance, in the football fandom, the team I support is currently facing a crisis as it sits on the last place of the table and is on the verge of relegation. It's so clear the reasons that made them get to that, like, how the games are poorly played, but I can't state my opinion there. If I do, then "I'm not a true fan". What, really? I'm not even free to express my point of view in my own blog? People ignore me when I try to interact with them and when I disagree with something there sudden appear negative comments. I don't even feel like being around there anymore, I'm just sick of the "the team doesn't deserve to be criticized", it annoys me so much. Not to mention the "OMG THE PLAYER_______(inserts name) IS SO CUTE AND SEXY AND HOT! I'D F**** HIM ANYTIME" posts. Come on, are you on the football fandom because of the handsomeness of the players or the sports?

Maybe I'm getting too old to deal with this s**t. 

And yes, I really miss the times of Livejournal, the entries and the comments. The discussions regarding releases, or simply chats with people who shared common interests. 

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