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 Hi there! Wow, I've just checked my entries and the last post was over 4 months ago. Time sure flies! It's just that I've been very busy with life and I'm more around tumblr these days.
But well, nevermind it. I want to tell an experience that I've had yesterday. Idk if it's coincidence, but today ends another period of Mercury Retrograde and I've felt an emotion I haven't felt for almost 2 years. I thought of him, my old crush, and it was like, all the bad feelings came back. Yeah, you read correctly, bad ones, not good ones. The hurt, the rejection, everything came back. And you know what's worse? I've got to know another guy who has the same name as him and has a few resemblances, and whenever I meet him, I can't talk with him, I can't even make eye contact with him. And I wondered what was wrong. Now I realize what was wrong. I was associating the two guys, even though they have little to nothing in common (well, aside from the name and maybe their heights). I mean, I feel nothing for the current guy, but it was like I was always pissed at him, you know, as if...I was seeing the past guy instead, but feeling hurt inside. Anyway, Idk what to do from here on. Perhaps it's time to elaborate this for good and let ghosts from the past go. 

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