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I'm not so sure if I should be talking about Kanjani, because I haven't been really a fan of them lately, so idk if I could still call myself a fan, but hey, if I remembered that today was their national debut (plus Suba's b-day), then I still care about them, right? And I still remember mostly of their song lyrics...So I'm still an eighter, right?

It has been over 4 years already, thank you very much for making me smile (and I'm sure for making all the eighters smile too). For cheering me up in difficult moments. For being this unique group. For being yourselves. For making me ship hard all of you guys. I'm sure it means a lot to you guys celebrating this year, because it has been 10 years since Eito's national debut and also because you overcame so many things to come this far. I'm very proud to (somehow) be an eighter and follow your development (even though from afar). Please, keep being this awesome group for the next 10, 20, 30...infnitely!

Happy 10th National Debut Anniversary, Kanjani!

(Also, Happy Birthday, Subaru!)

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It's a bit sunny outside, but at home it's cold, so today is another day to hide under a blanket. I'm beside a heater listening to Kanjani8 songs. Have been listening to their discography since yesterday (after having some kind of depression crisis). Their songs are very upbeating, which is good to cheer me and I just miss flailing over them.

Love Eito lots! <3 /says that, but doesn't have a Kanjani icon posted yet


Hope tomorrow the weather gets better.

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I just realised that I haven't been talking about Kanjani at all and it was supposed to be my main JE fandom. XD For instance, last week was Hina's birthday and I didn't know totally forgot about it. /gets scolded by Gorilla-kun Plus, the only concert I have watched so far was PUZZLE, after more than half a year of procrastination. D:

Calm down, Yoko! XD (credit gif to [livejournal.com profile] lihuen )

On a bright note, I finally got to watch 8Uppers (a while ago, despite not mentioning XD), Jitensha Shonenki and the 2006 Winter Drama SPs. Yess, my Eito fangirl side is back!!!! =D

Next is probably...Arigatou Okan? .___. /misses the chicchai ossan and didn't really like Double

/wanted to post this entry since Monday...Procrastinated because she decided to download all the specials and make gifs. However, she is too lazy to finish the gifs today *lol* and she is tired of editing it all the time, so she will post them in another entry
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First of all, thank you my friends from LJ! Being at fandom makes me realize that I'm not alone and we can count on one another for support, even if it is through a few words, a "ganbatte" or "good luck"! <3333

Fandom random comments

With old pictures from NEWS, 'coz I just can't help myself XP )

Weekly song's quote

To my friends from my f-list! =)

Does anyone still remember this song? .___. )

Hope everyone has a nice week! <3

See you again soon!

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