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I'm not so sure if I should be talking about Kanjani, because I haven't been really a fan of them lately, so idk if I could still call myself a fan, but hey, if I remembered that today was their national debut (plus Suba's b-day), then I still care about them, right? And I still remember mostly of their song lyrics...So I'm still an eighter, right?

It has been over 4 years already, thank you very much for making me smile (and I'm sure for making all the eighters smile too). For cheering me up in difficult moments. For being this unique group. For being yourselves. For making me ship hard all of you guys. I'm sure it means a lot to you guys celebrating this year, because it has been 10 years since Eito's national debut and also because you overcame so many things to come this far. I'm very proud to (somehow) be an eighter and follow your development (even though from afar). Please, keep being this awesome group for the next 10, 20, 30...infnitely!

Happy 10th National Debut Anniversary, Kanjani!

(Also, Happy Birthday, Subaru!)

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Since it's still 8th here...I couldn't let this day pass without celebrating it somehow, right?  Because an eighter is always an eighter, regardless of crisis in life or interest changes. XD



May. 16th, 2011 12:24 pm
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Today the temperature dropped again and I'm feeling so cold here. I feel like hiding myself under a blanket and sleeping the whole day lol.

To the main point of this entry!

Happy Birthday, Ohkura aka Tacchon, Tada, Tatsu, Green Ranger!!!

In the first time I saw Kanjani8, I must confess that you didn't catch my attention, but as I got to know the group, I noticed how you grew up along with it, from being the last member to join the group as a drummer to an awesome drummer who has main vocals in many songs (some of which being my favourites~). Your voice is amazing and I love it!!! I know this growth wouldn't be possible without your willpower of giving your best at everything [and the group support of course, but it is subject for another entry :p] and I admire you for this. Even though you're the youngest member, I was sure you were older, obviously due to the voice range and the cool, mature vibe you emit idek how to explain it lol, but then I realise how dorky and adorable you are when you eat delicious food (Tada x Food = OTP) and laugh like a kid at something fun.

Love you lots and wish you all the best!!!!!!! <3

/has to add some image here, as well as to Yoko's post

Not directly related to it, more to Kanjani, but... Yoko: <3!!!!


May. 9th, 2011 08:55 am
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Hello. I kind of missed yesterday's update, huh. Nevermind. Mother's Day was celebrated at Grandma's house in a simple yet delicious dinner. ^^
And I have to post an entry to comment about the latest weeks of American Idol. Hope I can do it before the finale.

As for today...

Happy Birthday, Yoko, aka Yokocho, Yuuchin, Kimi, Black Ranger, Eito's Peter Pan! <3

You are the oldest member of Kanjani8, but to me you'll always be one of the youngest. XD You used to be my favourite when I first got into K8 fandom, until I realised I loved all the members and it wouldn't be fair to choose just one as the favourite. :p I thought you were the moodmaker and that you were an easy-going, friendly person. Then, I found out you were a shy, introverted guy and that you couldn't easily start a talk with people [you've just known]. And I identified with you right away! /is a shy and scared cat And okay, you might not sing nor dance that much well, but who cares? You're awesome in the bongos and a great spokesman, not to mention that you and Hina are a lovely couple.

I love you lots and wish all the best to you and your family!!!!!!! <3

/needs to find some images and will probably edit later


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It's a bit sunny outside, but at home it's cold, so today is another day to hide under a blanket. I'm beside a heater listening to Kanjani8 songs. Have been listening to their discography since yesterday (after having some kind of depression crisis). Their songs are very upbeating, which is good to cheer me and I just miss flailing over them.

Love Eito lots! <3 /says that, but doesn't have a Kanjani icon posted yet


Hope tomorrow the weather gets better.

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Hey there!  How is everyone doing? I know, I failed last week as a lj and twitter friend again (as much as I'm failing at life). I try to comment but when I get to read friends' posts, I'm already late and I don't feel like saying anything. -___-' Sorry, I hope to be more active here and on twitter and that soon I can come back with good news in real life as well. By now, I have about nothing really interesting to tell you. -___- *bows*

Fandom random comments

Short comments, but cut because it might not interest everyone. ^^' )

On a side note, I'm watching American Idol. It's the first time I'm following the show since the state auditions. Right now, it's still in the top 50 here, but I know that the show is in the top 12 already and I'm resisting to read spoilers. XD Is there anyone following the show? If so, what do you guys think about the candidates and the juries?

So, I guess that's all. Sorry for this messing this post full of crossing outs, brackets and possibly English mistakes. Also, thanks if you get to read it anyway. XDD

See you again soon! o/

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I just realised that I haven't been talking about Kanjani at all and it was supposed to be my main JE fandom. XD For instance, last week was Hina's birthday and I didn't know totally forgot about it. /gets scolded by Gorilla-kun Plus, the only concert I have watched so far was PUZZLE, after more than half a year of procrastination. D:

Calm down, Yoko! XD (credit gif to [livejournal.com profile] lihuen )

On a bright note, I finally got to watch 8Uppers (a while ago, despite not mentioning XD), Jitensha Shonenki and the 2006 Winter Drama SPs. Yess, my Eito fangirl side is back!!!! =D

Next is probably...Arigatou Okan? .___. /misses the chicchai ossan and didn't really like Double

/wanted to post this entry since Monday...Procrastinated because she decided to download all the specials and make gifs. However, she is too lazy to finish the gifs today *lol* and she is tired of editing it all the time, so she will post them in another entry
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Like yesterday's posts, there are only babblings...I know, I'm a fail at fangirling =p )

Today's quote song

Today's quote is so predictable XP )
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Hi, people! How are you after a week? Hope you're doing well~ <3

Real life babblings and a useless calculation XP )

There aren't many things to fangirl about, right? The club8 is getting so random, with those character's descriptions and weird icons...They are just making things confusing. T___T I can't even guess who the characters are, as each time the site is updated, I have a new opinion... What about you guys, do you have any idea about them?

On a side note, Yasu, in his recent j-web entry, is still teasing us saying that this second half of the year will be full of Kanjani's things and that he's doing some creative work (his PV?!) ... Come on, Yasu, say it already!!! XD  I'm looking so forward to know >__<'... Is it a movie? Tour? More singles? Album? Drama? Stage?  @.@ 

Ok, I'll stop it for now...XD
See you again soon! o/

EDIT: Added the quote, even if no one reads or cares XDD

Today's song quote

Just keeping on moving fly away~ *with this music in her mind* <3 )

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Happy Mugendai Day for everyone!

Only fangirl babblings... )


Today's song quote

Because these overflowing feelings are infinite~ )

See you soon o/
Have a nice week~

EDIT: Forgot to write the title of the song XD
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I don't have much to talk today... I wish I could make a big post about club8 (and I don't know how to make caps), but I just don't feel like doing that, as I haven't been acessing the site in the same frequency as it is updated =/


Just babblings about club8, without any caps... )



Dare datte! Taiyou no kodomo!~ XD (a Kanjani song's quote ^^) )
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-Yay, finally finished my intro post!!!

Usual babblings *ran out of creativity for lj-cut tittle* )

-I have read many Kanjani fanfics from [livejournal.com profile] k8_exchange. Loved them!! I want to thank all the people who wrote, posted and took part in this project. So, thank you for making me enjoy reading fics!!! <33

-Lastly, real life is calling...

That's all for today ^^

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Only babblings... )
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Two days ago, I bought the 15th volume of Ouran High School Host Club. As it almost reached the Japanese Edition, here in Brazil the publisher will stop translating until the staff receives more volumes. But in Japan, Ouran is ending...;_____;  OMG, I'll miss that manga so much *T____T* but anyway, it is better to have a good ending than extend the story without a plot. And Ouran is so awesome! There are many crack moments which made me LOL a lot...Even the dramatic moments are captivating.


Stupid comparison *lol*  )

I think now I like Tatsu more than before...


Tatsu writes great messages... <33 )

Today is the final match of World Cup. I'm not cheering for anyone...Just expect the best team wins =)

And, my short vacations are about to end...T___T


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There are so many... I can't choose one, and it depends on the moment.


Lyrics and some links =D )


In short, I think I get emotional so easily that many songs affect me!!  =p


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As I have posted before, I totally loved Wonderful World PV!!!! *____*


My two favourites parts of Wonderful World PV (with gifs included XD)!! )


Thank you so much again, Asya!!! <333


And now, time to babble a bit about real life XDD

Real life blabbings... )

I want to download Eito's special... If my internet helps, I hope I can download soon >__<


I think that's all! 

Ja ne! ~ o/


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Club8 is making fun of us!!!! T____T I don't expect anything else....    Or, on the contrary, I expect everything when it comes to Kanjani XDDD
OMG, I could finally watch the PV!!!!! I don't have words to express how I felt...OWHFWEOFHNJAKDCRMOENX *is learning to flail*


Opinion about the PVs (no picture, it's just that I'm too shy to express myself XD) )



When will I have courage to talk about my real life? It's still difficult you know (that's why I think I've been identifying myself with Yoko more and more *lol*), but I'l try to, time to time, add my real life things. You'll get to know more about me (though there's nothing really interesting to show =p)!!  For now, what I can say is that: tomorrow there's Brazil x Netherlands! Ganbare, Brazil! XDD

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Within few days, we'll get to know about the "Prologue of Patch! *yay, finally!* It's just a pity that I couldn't purchase my CD. T___T  Who knows, next time they release a single or an album I'll be able to buy?


Foolish theorie...You don't need to click if you aren't interested XP )


I don't mind if no one reads it. I'm just expressing myself after all XDD


Off topic...I'm happy that Lead released a PV for their new single. What I love the most about this group is their dance ability, which is pretty good compared to some JE other japanese boybands (moreover, they are cute have good voice too)!  =)

Edit: I'm listening to NEWS online radio now and all of sudden, I'm feeling nostalgic about NEWS with 8 members (Ok, it may be because of the old musics). How weird...I love NEWS with 6 members and I'm pretty fine with them like that, but now I'm kinda missing Uchi's and Kusano's voices in the group T___T *hopeless fangirl*

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So, today club8's colour was grey, huh...  Edit: Now it's totally random!! ~__~ Really, Eito, what kind of plot do you have in mind? XD


Don't know what to write...Click to read more? o.o )


I guess that's all. Ja ne! o/


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Hello, people! How are you? =D

Firstly, OMG I can't believe that today it was really orange colour in the club8 site!!! XDDD So, if I were to guess the next one, I'd say it could be purple (if that one which came some days ago was really pink, but, if it was purplish, then I think it'd be red), but again I don't know if the colours have some meaning or they're just random and Kanjani members are simply having fun watching people clicking *LOL*

Secondly, I watched SCP performance on tv... WW is so funny and cute, but BJ was special...All of them playing instruments, the light effects, and such...watching on tv is different, it is simply...awesome! *___*  And there was Ryo's message... I couldn't understand what he was talking, but Takki and Yara seemed to be having fun XD 

I hope today I can make some icons to use on my LJ...Even though it's made by a photoshop level beginner fangirl, at least it's filled with love! XDD

I guess that's all... Ja ne!~ o/

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