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Positively Optimistic Project:

- Did an endoscopy to check up my stomach. I see it as a positive news because I've been feeling my stomach ache for a few months. Looking forward to the results!

- Did 1 hour of meditation yesterday and today, way more than 1 hour (didn't count). Wow, seems like a big progress! Let's keep going~

- World Cup started today and Brazil won in the first match (BrazilxCroatia)! Not particularly cheering for them, but still...It was a good news for us Brazilian, everyone was happy and partying. So, it's like, when everyone is happy, I also feel happy? not really, just sometimes
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 To the positively optimistic project:

-The other day, my parents gave me a cute pair of slippers that looks like cats. (That made me miss Mei)

-On Saturday, I cleaned my room.

-Yesterday, we celebrated Mom's birthday with a special lunch!

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 Basically, I forgot to post here what good happened these days, so I'll resume in today's post.

- I didn't procrastinate.

- Finally made an important decision regarding my future. 

- Did 45 minutes of meditation.

In time!

Jun. 2nd, 2014 11:59 pm
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 So, today:

-I woke up relatively early.

-I managed to finish errands on time.

-I could finish a game of Zen Master and access a new story. 


Jun. 1st, 2014 11:17 pm
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I just realised it has been a month since the last time I'd updated. Didn't feel like talking about stuffs at all... or perhaps I didn't want to do those self-analysis I usually do here.

Anyway, I'm thinking of starting something new here...Everyday, to post three positive things about my day, as suggested by Dr. M. Seligman, the creator of Positive Psychology. It's aimed for pessimists people like me to begin to look at the positive side of their lives and, who knows, become more optimists. I don't guarantee an everyday post, but I'll do my best to do it regularly!

So, let's start with  today:

-I managed to do 20 minutes of meditation and I finished Relaxing Rhythms.

-I've made a career plan.

-I've eaten sata andagui, a 2000-year-recipe sweet that is awesome for cold days.

So, that's it. Simple, ordinary, but still, good things. Maybe that's a good start for me. :)

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