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I'm on a new fandom now: Borussia Dortmund, simply the most awesome football team in the world. However, they're currently not having a good phase and it's affecting me. Because, seriously, it's unbelievable. How come a team wins gloriously in a match for a specific tournament and loses miserably in recurring matches for another tournament? How come the same fucking team produces two extreme results? I can't understand it. And the worst of it, we, the fans, can't do anything about it but suffer while watching the matches. I kinda regret having chosen BVB...But now there is no coming back. I mean, I could've chosen Bayern, and I almost did, but after knowing all the shit this team had done (a.k.a buying players from rival teams in order to make them weaker), I couldn't support it. On the contrary, I simply despise Bayern. And I can't support another team (at least not another German club), not after getting to know more about the amazing BVB, the players, the coach, the fans...And you know, when I've decided that I wanted to be a Borussia Dortmund fan, I had the feeling that they'd have a great season and that they'd conquer many titles, even after two of their best players had moved to that despising club. And when I "have a feeling", most times I get to be correct. However, it may be that my intuition failed this time, and things are turning exactly the opposite: not only BVB is having a horrible season, they are on the verge of not classifying. It's simply disappointing. Idk what to do from here on about it. Maybe I should stay away from BVB for a while...At least until exams are over.

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