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 To the positively optimistic project:

-The other day, my parents gave me a cute pair of slippers that looks like cats. (That made me miss Mei)

-On Saturday, I cleaned my room.

-Yesterday, we celebrated Mom's birthday with a special lunch!

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 Basically, I forgot to post here what good happened these days, so I'll resume in today's post.

- I didn't procrastinate.

- Finally made an important decision regarding my future. 

- Did 45 minutes of meditation.

In time!

Jun. 2nd, 2014 11:59 pm
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 So, today:

-I woke up relatively early.

-I managed to finish errands on time.

-I could finish a game of Zen Master and access a new story. 


Jun. 1st, 2014 11:17 pm
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I just realised it has been a month since the last time I'd updated. Didn't feel like talking about stuffs at all... or perhaps I didn't want to do those self-analysis I usually do here.

Anyway, I'm thinking of starting something new here...Everyday, to post three positive things about my day, as suggested by Dr. M. Seligman, the creator of Positive Psychology. It's aimed for pessimists people like me to begin to look at the positive side of their lives and, who knows, become more optimists. I don't guarantee an everyday post, but I'll do my best to do it regularly!

So, let's start with  today:

-I managed to do 20 minutes of meditation and I finished Relaxing Rhythms.

-I've made a career plan.

-I've eaten sata andagui, a 2000-year-recipe sweet that is awesome for cold days.

So, that's it. Simple, ordinary, but still, good things. Maybe that's a good start for me. :)


Jan. 24th, 2014 10:35 am
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 Sometimes, I think...I should have done better, I should have tried harder. I should have studied more. I should have been flawless. And the point is...I don't know if I'll have another opportunity as much as I had last year. If I try it harder this year, will I make it? Do I have a guarantee?
If only I had a guarantee...I'd not hesitate on making my choice of doing another year of cram school. But the point is...No, there is no guarantee, and also, we can't be 100% flawless or a 100% perfect, because human being is made of flaws and imperfections. 

So, in the end, I'm still in the dark, with no control over my life. 
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 Semana do Saco Cheio adiantada acabando, mais uma etapa se iniciando, e eu diria que é a fase final e decisiva daqui pra frente, até o final do ano. Não sei mais o que fazer pra melhorar meu desempenho nos simulados. É como se eu tivesse tentado de tudo, mas nada de fato funcionasse, e tudo porque na hora da prova eu fico nervosa e dá aquele branco e eu não consigo resolver as questões e daí já era. Sim, eu sei, eu preciso controlar meu estresse e minha ansiedade, e sim, eu sei que há diversos métodos de controle, como exercícios físicos e meditação, só que eu tô sem tempo para isso. Estou naquele momento em que eu desejaria que o dia tivesse 48 horas rsrs, mas como isso não é possível, o jeito é eu reorganizar meu horário de estudos e arranjar um tempinho para pelo menos fazer um exercício de relaxamento. 
Se há uma coisa que vem me irritando ultimamente é as pessoas me dizerem que eu preciso ter mais confiança em mim mesma. É muito fácil para o outro afirmar isso, tem uma autoconfiança e tanto pra te julgar assim. O problema é quando uma pessoa como eu tem um histórico de acontecimentos malogrados e depressivos. Tipo... Não é como se eu não estivesse me esforçando para ser mais autoconfiante, sabe? Eu estou me esforçando sim, e acredito que veio tendo progresso, mesmo que pequeno e gradativo, só que não é visível aos olhos alheios.

Em resumo, eu me sinto meio que parecida com a Meredith Grey e quem assiste a Grey's Anatomy irá entender do que estou falando... XD *fala para as paredes*

Vamos ver no que vai dar. 

*escreveu o post porque está sem sono*
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part 2 of my ramblings about the spoiler pics for OUAT 2x18, but it's almost the same thing written. )

I'll stop commenting about it until the episodes air and we have either the confirmation or the denial of that theory. And also, until we find out Neal's own reason for his actions (or lack of). Anyway, I'm not in the mood to fangirl about ST and Neal either, and I'll probably be in this slump for a while. Maybe it's time to dedicate myself to other pairings/stuffs. It's all making me sick. Yeah, I'm real sick, with fever and pain all over my body while I type this. I'm gonna rest and try to watch OUAT new episode later. 

Rainy day

Feb. 9th, 2013 11:52 pm
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 Today was a rainy day, in many ways. The most obvious is that it did rained a lot pratically the whole day. And I feel melancholic when it rains.

Cut for a stupid feeling that came up after seeing the spoiler pics for OUAT 2x18 concerning Neal )

Meh, honestly, I don't wanna this happen and I seriously hope to be wrong about it. I hate love polygon stories, it's too freaking annoying. I'm gonna trust the writers and the premise of true love. If two people really love each other, then they'll overcome all the obstacles and there will be no someone else, just the two of them, and it lasts forever. Well, at least in the show... :p

On the other hand, about my real life, I've just come back from a family reunion in a restaurant, and think of an awkward meeting, in which you have no affinity with anyone and yet you have to sit in the same table with them and have no subject to talk about, plus the fear that they'll meddle in what I do with my life with annoying questions. That's how it was today. And I couldn't wait to get the hell out of there.

So, that's all. I'm done with today. Hope tomorrow the new OUAT episode will enlighten my fangirl mood a little bit, because right now, I don't wanna even think about that weird idea. The only way of knowing is waiting and watching the upcoming episodes. I just hope that Emma and Neal are each other's true love, okay? I just want to believe that Neal still loves Emma as much as Emma still loves Neal, and that he will fight for her (and for their son). 
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First of all, sorry, f-list, for disturbing you with my emo posts... That is what happens when you hide your feelings, and they accumulate so much that when you get things off your chest, they come all at once. lol I'm very sorry if I sounded rude or if I complained (and bitched) too much. Let's say that I'm not a sweet person, but it doesn't mean that I'm a bad-tempered person. Just a human being like everyone else, with their ups and downs. XD

After reflecting a bit more, I made a few decisions:

- Keep this journal

At least for now, I'll keep this account, because as I said in the last entry, there are more positive points than negative. And, if I organize my schedule well, it's possible to be a fangirl without affecting rl. ^^"

- A very small f-list cut (after months trying to have the courage lol)

If you can't see this entry, it is probably due to the fact that you either have an inactive journal, we rarely talk and/or we don't share the same interests anymore. If you think different and somehow want us to be friends again, please comment here or send me a PM and we can talk about it, okay? =]
To everyone else: if you find me a boring person and my entries annoying, think that we no longer have any interest in common, but didn't have the courage to say, this is the time to cut me from your list. I won't mind, really, there are no resents/hard feelings, because, honestly, I'm not that much keen on these stuffs of friending... I realised that online friendship =/= real life friendship, although I'm as shy here as in rl. Moreover, well...IDK how to explain, I want to give a new start to me and to this journal and be more friendly with people. *talks nonsense*

EDIT: Sorry, I think I expressed myself badly...Please, forgive me for being so rude again. *bows* Ignore everything I wrote...

So, that's what I wanted to say. Thanks for reading, by the way. =]
See you~ o/

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Hello, f-list! How are you doing? Hope you're all ok! ^^

Rl and fangirl blabbings *points at the tags*.  )

Well, I guess that's all for today. I have a meme to do, but I'll post next time. <3 *wrote too much for an entry XD*

See you again soon and have a nice week! o/

Today's song quote

I WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD~ XD *lacks creativity* )
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This is a short entry and wouldn't need any cut, but whatever XP )

See you again and have a nice week! =)

Today's quote song

Ame no mukou e, kaze no mukou e~ )

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Hi, people! How are you after a week? Hope you're doing well~ <3

Real life babblings and a useless calculation XP )

There aren't many things to fangirl about, right? The club8 is getting so random, with those character's descriptions and weird icons...They are just making things confusing. T___T I can't even guess who the characters are, as each time the site is updated, I have a new opinion... What about you guys, do you have any idea about them?

On a side note, Yasu, in his recent j-web entry, is still teasing us saying that this second half of the year will be full of Kanjani's things and that he's doing some creative work (his PV?!) ... Come on, Yasu, say it already!!! XD  I'm looking so forward to know >__<'... Is it a movie? Tour? More singles? Album? Drama? Stage?  @.@ 

Ok, I'll stop it for now...XD
See you again soon! o/

EDIT: Added the quote, even if no one reads or cares XDD

Today's song quote

Just keeping on moving fly away~ *with this music in her mind* <3 )

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Happy Mugendai Day for everyone!

Only fangirl babblings... )


Today's song quote

Because these overflowing feelings are infinite~ )

See you soon o/
Have a nice week~

EDIT: Forgot to write the title of the song XD
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Today, I'm not in the mood to fangirl, maybe tomorrow, who knows... =p  There are many things to say! XDD

Just a Lead quote... )
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-Yay, finally finished my intro post!!!

Usual babblings *ran out of creativity for lj-cut tittle* )

-I have read many Kanjani fanfics from [livejournal.com profile] k8_exchange. Loved them!! I want to thank all the people who wrote, posted and took part in this project. So, thank you for making me enjoy reading fics!!! <33

-Lastly, real life is calling...

That's all for today ^^

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Only babblings... )
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Two days ago, I bought the 15th volume of Ouran High School Host Club. As it almost reached the Japanese Edition, here in Brazil the publisher will stop translating until the staff receives more volumes. But in Japan, Ouran is ending...;_____;  OMG, I'll miss that manga so much *T____T* but anyway, it is better to have a good ending than extend the story without a plot. And Ouran is so awesome! There are many crack moments which made me LOL a lot...Even the dramatic moments are captivating.


Stupid comparison *lol*  )

I think now I like Tatsu more than before...


Tatsu writes great messages... <33 )

Today is the final match of World Cup. I'm not cheering for anyone...Just expect the best team wins =)

And, my short vacations are about to end...T___T


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As I have posted before, I totally loved Wonderful World PV!!!! *____*


My two favourites parts of Wonderful World PV (with gifs included XD)!! )


Thank you so much again, Asya!!! <333


And now, time to babble a bit about real life XDD

Real life blabbings... )

I want to download Eito's special... If my internet helps, I hope I can download soon >__<


I think that's all! 

Ja ne! ~ o/


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Club8 is making fun of us!!!! T____T I don't expect anything else....    Or, on the contrary, I expect everything when it comes to Kanjani XDDD
OMG, I could finally watch the PV!!!!! I don't have words to express how I felt...OWHFWEOFHNJAKDCRMOENX *is learning to flail*


Opinion about the PVs (no picture, it's just that I'm too shy to express myself XD) )



When will I have courage to talk about my real life? It's still difficult you know (that's why I think I've been identifying myself with Yoko more and more *lol*), but I'l try to, time to time, add my real life things. You'll get to know more about me (though there's nothing really interesting to show =p)!!  For now, what I can say is that: tomorrow there's Brazil x Netherlands! Ganbare, Brazil! XDD

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